Dave Jordano – A Detroit Nocturne

Review by Douglas Stockdale • Notes: The investigation of an urban man-built landscape can be a sociological study of those who live in it as part of a photo-documentary practice. Dave Jordano adds another couple of more layers to the study of his subject, the city of Detroit.  His visual framing of this urban landscape... Continue Reading →

Dave Jordano – Detroit Unbroken Down

Copyright 2015 Dave Jordano Photographer: Dave Jordano (born Detroit, MI, USA resides Chicago IL, USA) Published & copyright: 2015 Publisher: powerHouse Books Essays: Nancy Watson Barr, Dawoud Bey, Sharon Zukin Text: English Hardcover book with dust jacket, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed in China Photobook designer: Sam Silvio, Edited by Meg Handler Notes: The residents of a region... Continue Reading →

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