Andrew Phelps – Haboob

Copyright Andrew Phelps 2013 published by Kehrer Verlag Andrew Phelps (b. 1967, Mesa, AZ & residing in Austria since 1991) returns infrequently to the place of his birth, the arid and desert communities surrounding the regions of Mesa and Phoenix in the American Southwest. His childhood home is resplendent with past memories and with a... Continue Reading →

Andrew Phelps – Not Niigata

Copyright Andrew Phelps, 2009 courtesy Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg For my liking, Andrew Phelps’s introduction, printed on the inside book cover, places this entire photobook into an insightful context, “ But what does it mean to photograph with the pretense of documentation? I find it is easy to get caught up in chasing an illusion of... Continue Reading →

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