Aline Smithson – Los Angeles

Review by Douglas Stockdale •  The Kris Graves Projects Lost series (currently Lost II, set of 20 books with slipcase) are regional investigations each by a photographer who calls it home; the book series is complementary and expanded on by the broader collective; how do you define a region (place), what does it really tell a... Continue Reading →

Aline Smithson – Self & Others

  Copyright 2015 Aline Smithson Photographer: Aline Smithson (born & resides Los Angeles, CA, USA) Publisher: Magenta Foundation (Canada) Essays: Paula Tognarelli, Karen Sinsheimer & Aline Smithson (A.S.) Text: English Hardcover book, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed in China Photobook designer: Office of Gilbert Li _______________ Review by Douglas Stockdale This monograph is a wonderful mid-career touch-point (as I... Continue Reading →

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