John Divola – Vandalism

Review by Douglas Stockdale • This retrospective monograph that explores one of John Divola’s urban landscapeprojects created between 1974 and 1975 while finishing his MFA at UCLA (1974). His practice was a form of what today we would call “staged photography”; creating (spray painting) structures and staging events for the single purpose of being photographed,... Continue Reading →

Rose Steinmetz – Techenie (течение)

Review by Gerhard Clausing • I asked to review this project because it struck me as a challenging enigma. The photographer, Rose Steinmetz, who originally hails from the country of Georgia and now lives in Brazil, herself has a background that shares several cultural streams and influences. So it only seems fitting that this photographic... Continue Reading →

Cathy Immordino – Through The Looking Glass

Artist: Cathy Immordino (born Eden Prairie, MN & resides Los Angeles, CA) Self-Published, USA, 2017 Text: English Soft cover, hand printed & PVA binding, leporello design, cyanotype printing, Edition 20 Artist book concept & designer: Cathy Immordino Notes: In Lewis Carol’s fantasy novel Through the Looking Glass, the reader embarks on a curious journey that takes... Continue Reading →

David Lynch – Nudes

  Photographer:  David Lynch (born in Missoula, Montana; lives in Los Angeles, California) Publisher:  Thames & Hudson, New York, NY in association with Foundation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris; © 2017; published in the United States in June 2018 Cloth-bound hardback with transparent printed dust cover; 240 unpaginated pages with 125 black-and-white and color photographs;... Continue Reading →

Gary Ng – 1 + 1 = 3

  Photographer:  Gary Ng (born and resides in Hong Kong) Self-published, © 2017 Stiff cover, machine-sewn; 15x21 cm; 49 pages in full color; edition of 50 signed and numbered copies   Notes: Several years ago, there was a series of books by Fred Hüning, published by Peperoni Books, Berlin, entitled Einer/Zwei/Drei (2010-2011), subsequently reissued in... Continue Reading →

Charles-Frédérick Ouellet – Le Naufrage

Photographer:  Charles-Frédérick Ouellet (born in Chicoutimi; lives in Québec City, Canada) Publisher:  Les Éditions du renard, Montréal, Canada; © 2017 Text:  Poem “Dompter le naufrage” by Fabien Cloutier Language:  French Illustration:  Frédérik Lévesque Hardback, sewn; 108 pages with 55 images, paginated; 9 x 10.5"; printed in Canada by Deschamps Impression; edition of 500 and special... Continue Reading →

Gerard Boyer – Ser de La Cala

Photographer:  Gerard Boyer (born in L'Ametlla de Mar, Spain; lives in Tarragona, Spain) Publisher:  Fuego Books, Murcia, Spain; © 2011-2016 by Gerard Boyer Texts:  Quotes in Catalan, Spanish, and English Zine-style, naked-bound and glued, with stiff printed wrap; 22.6 x 32 cm; 64 pages; edition of 500; printed in Spain by CeGe Photobook Design and... Continue Reading →

Lorena Endara – É Arenas: Nariz

Photographer:  Lorena Endara (Los Angeles, CA) Music:  Composed, arranged, and produced by Eduardo Arenas Publisher:   Producciones Con Sal, Los Angeles, © 2016 Stiff cover, saddle stitch binding; 32 unnumbered pages; 13 color photographs, accompanied by the corresponding song titles from the vinyl album that it accompanies; printed in Los Angeles, CA; 8.5x8.5 inches Photobook... Continue Reading →

Barbara Kyne – A Crack In The World

Copyright 2016 Barbara Kyne Photographer: Barbara Kyne (b. Hoboken, New Jersey – resides. Oakland, CA) Publisher: Daylight Books (USA) Essays: Barbara Kyne, Susan Griffin, Jasmine Moorhead Text: English Hardcover book with dust jacket, sewn binding, four-color lithography, Index, printed in China Photobook designer: Ursula Damm Notes: Barbara Kyne and her partner Fran Lowe have property in Mariposa, located... Continue Reading →

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