New Topographics

Copyright of the artists, George Eastman House and Center for Creative Photograph 2009 courtesy Steidl In 1975 at the George Eastman House an exhibition was curated by William Jenkins, assisted by Joe Deal, on what was then evolving as the new (urban) landscape photograph, titled New Topographics; Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape. You could argue that what now… Continue Reading →

Robert Adams – The New West

Copyright 2015 (Steidl Edition) Robert Adams Photographer: Robert Hickman Adams, Ph.D. (b. Orange, NJ – resides USA) Publisher: Steidl Verlag (Germany) (first published by Colorado Associated University Press, 1974) Essays: John Szarkowski & Robert Adams Text: English Hardcover book with illustrated dust jacket, sewn binding, four-color lithography, pagination and captions, printed in Germany Photobook designer: Paul Weaver… Continue Reading →

Wouter Vanhees – Hà Nội

Review by Paul Anderson •  Deep purples and blacks, satiny reds, rich oranges- the night photography of Hanoi by Wouter Vanhees treats the reader to a rich range of colors that he finds in his well-composed urban night scenes. His is a unique look at a big city. The photographs are austere, lonely, and haunting. Some… Continue Reading →

Paul Hart – Reclaimed

Review by Douglas Stockdale • On the eastern side of England was a vast marshland, a region known as the Fens, which was eventually conquered by a combination of technology and determined English will. Once properly drained, it became an abundantly fertile farmland – England’s extensive vegetable garden. This flat lowland does not easily endear… Continue Reading →

Fabien Fourcaud – Off season

Review by Wayne Swanson • Ah, summer at the sea shore. Endless beaches and bronzing bodies in the sand. Resort hotels and cocktails with little umbrellas in them. Tourists everywhere, reveling in their escape from the day-to-day. Now consider off-season. Beaches and resort hotels empty, streets deserted, tourists banished to their day-to-day. Photographer Fabien Fourcaud explores… Continue Reading →

Michael Ashkin – were it not for

Review by Wayne Swanson • “Were it not for.” What a perfect phrase for our Trumpian times. With these four words you can claim responsibility and assess blame. Deflect accountability, cast aspersions, or simply cover your ass. To “control the narrative” is the goal. In Michael Ashkin’s hands, the four words turn deadpan images into ominous… Continue Reading →

Tema Stauffer – UPSTATE

Review by Melanie Chapman • Upon opening UPSTATE for the first time, this reviewer was immediately taken back to her own years spent living in the Hudson Valley while attending Bard College. Not only because the subject of Tema Stauffer’s new work is the nearby city of Hudson and the surrounding landscape, but because Stauffer’s… Continue Reading →

Max Sher – Palimpsests

Max Sher – Palimpsests, Copyright 2018 Photographer: Max Sher, born St Petersburg (then Leningrad), resides Moscow (RU) Published by Ad Marginem with support from Heinrich Böll Foundation (Germany/Russia), 2018 Essays: Kate Bush, Maxim Trudolyubov, Nuria Fatykhova Text: Russian, English Hardcover book, embossed cloth over boards, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed by IPK Pareto-Print, Russia Photobook designer:… Continue Reading →

KayLynn Deveney – All You Can Lose Is Your Heart

Photographer:  KayLynn Deveney (born Albuquerque, New Mexico; resides in Northern Ireland and New Mexico [summers]) Publisher:  Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg & Berlin, Germany; © 2015 Essays:  KayLynn Deveney, Jean Valjean Vandruff, Hank Stuever Text:  English Cloth-bound sewn hardcover; 128 numbered pages, 62 full-color illustrations; 20×24 cm, printed in Germany Designer:  KayLynn Deveney and Kehrer Design Notes:  The… Continue Reading →

Landmark – The Fields of Landscape Photography

Copyright the various photographers 2014; Published by Thames & Hudson This photobook is a curatorial discussion of the contemporary practice of landscape photography and perhaps why the practice of Landscape photography matters today. The editor of the book, William A. Ewing, a museum curator and writer about photography, makes the elegant point that the current (and… Continue Reading →

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